By Felipe Lino, Senior Software Engineer — .NET

At FARFETCH, we live in a very nice and pleasant world of microservices, running everything on containers, using our Docker images. But working with containers has its pitfalls.

In this article, I’m going to cover a little bit about the Infrastructure & Environment: What to look for? How to look for it? And finally, talk about optimization and tradeoffs.

Questions about your environment & infrastructure

Your application, even though it is a container, will run in an environment. To make the correct decisions about optimization, you need to ask some deeper questions about its environment.

Here are some…

Nelson Parente, Software Engineer

In my first article for the F-Tech Blog, Authorization and Authentication @ FARFETCH, we covered core concepts of Identity and how these concepts evolved and are handled at FARFETCH.

We understood the difference between Authentication, “who are you?”, and Authorization, “what can you do?”, understood the importance of the OAuth, OpenIDConnect protocols, it’s major terminologies, and how all these concepts connect together.

In May 2020, FARFETCH gave us the opportunity to participate in a full day workshop with Dominick Baier, one of the founders of IdentityServer. In this workshop, Advanced OAuth, we covered several topics regarding…

By Francisco Sousa, Senior Software Engineer — .NET, and Paulo Barbosa, Junior Software Engineer — Full Stack at FARFETCH

Businesses need to be agile, test hypotheses cheaply, and respond quickly to new market insights by keeping development cycles short and data models flexible.” — Martin Kleppmann

Successful internet services require agile, rapid and iterative product evolution to learn what your customers love and how you can better deliver it to them. However, all that code churn can make your application unstable, failing at its mission to delight your customers. …

By Breno Lima, Senior Service Delivery Specialist

In the Agile world, Jira has earned the reputation as the Agile tool. However, does simply using Jira’s out-of-the-box solution make you Agile?

Actually, Jira is a great Process Automation suite. But to take full advantage of it, you must implement it with the best practices in mind. In this article, we cover how F-Tech architected Jira to best support our Operations in an Agile culture.

Quick Overview

This section will be a review for experienced Jira users.

Everything in Jira revolves around Projects, either as Service Management Projects or Software Projects. These might be…

Official SpaceX Photos — Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

By Nelson Gomes — Software Engineer and Paulo Ventura — Senior Software Engineer — .NET

The main goal of any recommendations engine, particularly our own Inspire by FARFETCH, is to, well, inspire. To achieve that, we need to adapt and evolve our product (you can read all about that here!). We must make decisions based on data and understand the behavioural change of our customers and how they are immersing in this luxury experience.

We start the process of designing specific recommendations for a touchpoint by driving experiments to provide us with insights for the next product iteration. This approach…

By Sairah Chaudry, Analytics Technology Manager

2020 has been a year of many Data Privacy challenges, affecting websites and mobile apps. There were:

  1. Browser changes — Stricter web browser safeguards against 3rd party cookies, which causes remarketing challenges for advertisers
  2. IDFA Consent — Apple introduced user consent for advertising (via IDFA opt-in) for iOS 14 iPhone users, to ensure consent-based App Remarketing
  3. Walled Gardens gained more control — Larger ad tech vendors have extensive data which is collected in a privacy-compliant manner. …

By Lino Silva, Engineering Lead


This exploration was done by the Labs team on September 10th 2020 to find possible opportunities in using 5G networks. The team used Miro as a tool to document the session, and the results can be checked in the image below.

By Pedro Marques, Mobile Engineer — iOS

At Farfetch, we have developed a Native Mobile UI (NMUI) framework which we use to assemble our iOS apps. This framework enables us to build complex screens very quickly while still being fully native. Currently, we are transitioning some of our development flow to use this framework because we think it has many benefits. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of how NMUI works and share our experience of revamping our Designers Hub screen using it.

Our framework enables us to specify our screen layouts using a common declarative…

By Cláudia Conceição, Software Engineer — Front End

One of the key objectives of our core Experimentation team at FARFETCH is to provide a single experimentation framework across the company. By building on a common and shared approach, every piece of our business can leverage our AB testing and analytics infrastructure and apply our best experimentation practices consistently.

We already provided a back-office tool where we could set the variants of their tests — aka the Dashboard. Yet, managing an experiment end-to-end, from its definition to its analysis, originally involved multiple internal and third-party tools.

That’s why my team, the…

By Dinis Peixoto, Software Engineer

At FARFETCH, teams are encouraged to try new development methodologies so that they can deliver even better results while also improving productivity. As a fairly new team, we have continuously been looking for different methodologies that best fit our needs, such as avoiding knowledge silos or a slow-paced reviewing process. Although not every approach that we have tried has worked, the ones that did are now part of our daily development workflow and play a key role in the outcome of the tasks that we deliver.

A year ago, our team was first introduced to…


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